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A Tale of Redeeming Love

We (re)founded The Redeemed Life Furnishings, Inc in 2016 after many years of doing business under a different name. It was a reckoning, a calling from God to bring our business back in line with what He originally called us to do. Our story is not just a story of redeeming building materials & furniture but rather one of loving people, right where they are, in order to show them what true redemption looks like in the lives of those who follow Jesus. A story of reconciliation of two lost souls set ablaze with the love of Christ, given the mission of reaching out to a fallen world with a newly born love for people and the world around them.
At TRL Furnishings, Inc we have a true devotion to "redemptive" woodworking,  stemming from an intense gratification of taking that which was considered dead and breathing new life into it. Not just any life but a life of worth, value and immense fruitfulness. 
Unfortunately in today’s world we stop seeing the beauty of the natural, the grace of the abandoned and the love of redemption, instead busying ourselves with dull gratification which comes in an endless supply. Here at The Redeemed Life Furnishings, Inc it is our purpose to serve people, to serve all of creation; with humility, love and excellence of craft.