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All the works we do are always done in love, with quality craftsmanship and skilled efficiency. Below you’ll find some examples of the services we offer in our shop, in order to meet our beloved customer's unique wants and needs . Please, let us know how we may serve you by contacting us below or calling us today.


Let all that you do be done in love.

ReDEEM building materials

We make hand-crafted furniture through the redemption of historic building materials locally and nationally harvested from buildings that were made by the rugged hands of true craftsman, in generations past. We choose this type of building material not only as a testimony to the men and women who worked with amazing skill and resolve but as a testimony of God, the Maker of all things. Every piece we make possesses the unique character, beauty and durability one would come to expect from heirloom furnishings.

RePAIR furniture

Furniture repair is the work of taking a furniture piece that has sustained some relatively minor damage and bringing it back to a condition where there is no longer any significant diminishment of either utility or beauty. Common repairs include re-gluing chairs, reupholstering chair seats, rebuilding drawers along with runners or tracks, gluing loose veneer, rebuilding broken parts, you get the idea.
Of the many services we offer here at The Redeemed Life Furnishings, repairs are typically the most difficult to estimate without actually having the piece in front of us. If you have a repair you would like to inquire about we suggest emailing us at trlfurnishings@gmail.com or by calling us at 217-357-4994 in order to schedule a time for us to see the piece in person so we can give you accurate estimate.

ReFINISH or ReSTORE furniture

So this part can get a little confusing, do you need a piece restored or refinished? To be “restored” generally refers to mild cleaning and repairs to cosmetic damages in order to keep the piece as original as possible. Whereas “refinished” usually refers to stripping a piece of furniture of its current finish, sanding, staining or painting and applying a new finish coat in order to make it yours. Now that we have cleared that up I’ll just say, “Ya, we do that”. As with repairs please get with us either through some sort modern communication or in person, so we are able to properly assess your needs in order to keep you on budget and bring life back to your beloved piece.